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Howard Circuit Court
Juvenile Probation
701 S Berkley Road
Kokomo, IN 46901

Phone: 765-456-2222
Fax: 765-456-2266

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Howard County Admin. Center
220 N Main St
Kokomo, IN 46901

Open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm

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Howard Circuit Court, Juvenile Probation

Mission Statement:

The Howard Circuit Court is committed to:
  • Assisting the community in providing all youths and families with resources necessary for appropriate growth and maturation in becoming productive members of society.
  • The belief that the family system is fundamental to every youth’s positive development as a citizen. In an effort to support and nurture this system, we encourage family parental participation, involvement and responsibility at all levels within the juvenile justice system.
  • Effectively utilizing all existing community and state resources available for families and youths through referral, networking and follow-up.
  • Ensure victims within our community are treated with respect and dignity and are appropriately compensated for losses.


The Howard Circuit Court, Office of Juvenile Services has adopted the Balance Approach and Restorative Justice model in its approach to youth offenders. This approach, sponsored by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, emphasizes the need for the juvenile justice system to become more responsive to the needs of the victims, offenders and the community. The Balanced Approach/Restorative Justice (BARJ) model focuses on the balance of three objectives (accountability, community protection, and competency development) and each gaining tangible benefits from their interaction with the juvenile justice system.
The Balanced Approach/Restorative Justice model builds on research and practical experience with outcome focused intervention strategies. The emphasis focuses on three programming priorities:
Accountability When an offense occurs, an obligation to the victim occurs.
Community Protection The public has the right to be safe and secure community and must be protected during the time the youth is under juvenile justice supervision.
Competency Development Youth offenders should leave the juvenile justice system capable of becoming more productive members of society with appropriate education.
This approach to the juvenile justice system coupled with SAFEPOLICY/SHOCAP strategy and the emphasis on the family allows for more effective community involvement and prevention/intervention services within the juvenile justice system.


Honorable Lynn Murray, Judge

Erik May, Referee
Dustin Delong Chief Probation Officer
Connie Burton Assistant Chief
Georgeanne Loe Intake Supervisor
Karen Barnes Probation Officer
Renee Kinney Probation Officer
Sally Francis Probation Officer
Dawn Griggs Probation Officer
Heather Malone Probation Officer
Robert Sebura Probation Officer
Bobbi Baldridge Juvenile Court Reporter
Kimberlee Atwell Secretary