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Criminal Justice Center

Video Visitation Regulations

Due to the excessive number of inmates, visitation is not guaranteed.

You must agree to all rules and regulation for video visitation before authorization is granted.

Privileges are not rights and can be suspended or terminated at any time.

Violations of visit may result in suspension or termination depending on the severity of the violations.

IF this occurs you will be notified by emailed thru the GTL visitation Platform.

Inmates are responsible for the behavior of their visitors and any actions by the visitor may affect the inmates visits.

All visits are recorded and may be monitored.


1.Register either in the lobby of the Howard County Criminal Justice Center at the provided KIOSK or go to the Howard County Website to register. All information upon registering must be accurate and up to date. If the visitor’s information is incorrect at check in with what is on the register’s identification, your visit will not be allowed until all information is updated and correct.   

2. Visitors found to be using false name or identification will result in suspension of visit privileges for one (1) year.

3. You must agree to the rules and regulation before the visit will be granted. Failure to do follow rules and regulations may result in suspension and / or termination of privileges of visiting. Your actions may result in suspension / termination of the inmate’s visitation privileges.

4. Only one (1) visitor / child can visit at a time. At the Howard County Sheriff's Office, 2 adults may participate in internet visits as long as both adults are registered. If Person(s) are not registered they may not participate in any visit in any context.

5. No rude or vulgar behavior / language.

6. No flashing or showing of body parts, masturbation, or lewd behavior, and clothing worn by all visitors must be in good taste and appropriate.

7. Visitors are not allowed to use Cell Phones or any recording devices during the visitation session. Visitors may not show any pictures, letters, documents or any other items during visits. Violations of this policy may result in suspension of visitation for up to 1 year.

8. Visitors must report to the front desk during business hours and Central Control for all other hours, 15 minutes prior to scheduled visit. Except if it is visitation by internet. At which time it is not a requirement to report to the front desk.

9. Failure to report to a scheduled visit will count as a visitation session for both the inmate and the visitor. If you are unable to attend you must go online to cancel the visit. If there is an emergency situation you can bring in confirmation of the emergency situation and we will evaluate the information, if confirmed, and is valid we will reinstate the visitation session. If you are unable to go online and cancel the visit, in an emergency situation you can bring the confirmation of the emergency and speak with the Jail Commander or their designee. Each situation will be evaluated on the information provided.

10. No food or drink will be allowed in the lobby.

11. Do Not wear articles of clothing that covers the face as to prevent identification of the visitor, unless worn for religious or national beliefs. Additional Identification may be required in these situations.

12. Maintain control over minor children. They will not run around or stray away from the adult during the visitation session.

13. All visitors must not have been incarcerated for 90 days prior to the visitation. If the visitor has been incarcerated and has not been out for 90 days they will not be allowed to visit with inmates.

14. Each inmate is allowed only (2) 25 minute visits per week. Internet visits are allowed with unlimited amount however each visit is limited to 10 – 25 minutes per visit.

15. Proper lighting must be utilized to allow for the visitor to be properly seen. If the visitor can not be seen the visit will be canceled.

16. When using cell phones as the visit platform you may not take screen shots, record or perform any other activity on the cell phone during the visit or while the visit is active.

Support and Registration

To register Click on the link below;

Once there follow the on screen instructions to register and activate your account.
All information must be accurate or you will not be allowed to visit with inmates.
For internet visits if you any questions and concerns you must contact (GTL).