Howard County, IN

Employee Security and Awareness Training!

As a continuing effort to make our network safe we will begin “Employee Security and Awareness Training”. In the next couple of days you will be receiving an email to set up an account and enroll in the training. Please follow the instructions within the email titled: “Please Start Your Mandatory Training” See below:

  1. Each employee with an email account will receive an email with the subject “Please Start Your   Mandatory Training”.
  2. Inside the email will be a link that you will click on (this one is safe) that will take you to a web page where you will create a password and training account.
  3. Once this is done, another email will be sent to you confirming your account creation. This email message will also contain the link to start the training. If you lose this email, you can always use this link here.    


  4. You will have 3 months from receiving the email to complete the training. It is 45 minutes long. It is narrated, and if you do not have speakers or headphones, the text is also be displayed on the screen. There will also be stations setup in each building to complete the training as well – The Sheriff Department wants everyone to complete the training at their desk. Refer to your office holder or department head on how they desire to handle the training.
  5. You do not have to complete the training all at once. The software will remember where you left off.
  6. Completion of the training will be noted in your employee file.
  7. Please complete the training on your normal County time.

Location of training stations:

County House: In the Voters Election Room

Administration Center: 4th floor in room before you get to the IT Office

Health Department: In Environmental Office behind Birth and Death Records Department on Conference table.

Kinsey: FFT Office