Howard County, IN

Daily Bulletins

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01-01-17 (pdf 184kB)01-02-17 (pdf 185kB)01-03-17 (pdf 187kB)01-04-17 (pdf 186kB)01-05-17 (pdf 192kB)01-06-17 (pdf 187kB)01-07-17 (pdf 182kB)01-08-17 (pdf 183kB)01-09-17 (pdf 189kB)01-10-17 (pdf 185kB)01-11-17 (pdf 191kB)01-12-17 (pdf 188kB)01-13-17 (pdf 191kB)01-14-17 (pdf 187kB)01-15-17 (pdf 185kB)01-16-17 (pdf 187kB)01-17-17 (pdf 186kB)01-18-17 (pdf 188kB)01-19-17 (pdf 189kB)01-20-17 (pdf 186kB)01-21-17 (pdf 187kB)01-22-17 (pdf 184kB)01-23-17 (pdf 187kB)01-24-17 (pdf 186kB)01-25-17 (pdf 189kB)01-26-17 (pdf 186kB)01-27-17 (pdf 186kB)01-28-17 (pdf 185kB)01-29-17 (pdf 185kB)01-30-17 (pdf 190kB)01-31-17 (pdf 189kB)02-01-17 (pdf 190kB)02-02-17 (pdf 186kB)02-03-17 (pdf 186kB)02-04-17 (pdf 187kB)02-05-17 (pdf 183kB)02-06-17 (pdf 188kB)02-07-17 (pdf 188kB)02-08-17 (pdf 192kB)02-09-17 (pdf 190kB)02-10-17 (pdf 185kB)02-11-17 (pdf 185kB)02-12-17 (pdf 187kB)02-13-17 (pdf 187kB)02-14-17 (pdf 188kB)02-15-17 (pdf 189kB)02-16-17 (pdf 189kB)02-17-17 (pdf 186kB)02-18-17 (pdf 184kB)02-19-17 (pdf 185kB)02-20-17 (pdf 185kB)02-21-17 (pdf 188kB)02-22-17 (pdf 188kB)02-23-17 (pdf 189kB)02-24-17 (pdf 187kB)02-25-17 (pdf 187kB)02-26-17 (pdf 186kB)02-27-17 (pdf 189kB)02-28-17 (pdf 187kB)03-01-17 (pdf 187kB)03-02-17 (pdf 187kB)03-03-17 (pdf 187kB)03-04-17 (pdf 187kB)03-05-17 (pdf 186kB)3-6-2017 (pdf 187kB)3-7-2017 (pdf 186kB)3-8-2017 (pdf 190kB)3-9-2017 (pdf 189kB)03-10-17 (pdf 188kB)03-11-17 (pdf 187kB)03-12-17 (pdf 184kB)03-13-17 (pdf 190kB)03-14-17 (pdf 192kB)03-15-17 (pdf 189kB)03-16-17 (pdf 188kB)03-17-17 (pdf 186kB)03-18-17 (pdf 186kB)03-19-17 (pdf 186kB)03-20-17 (pdf 187kB)03-21-17 (pdf 186kB)03-22-17 (pdf 187kB)03-23-17 (pdf 187kB)03-24-17 (pdf 187kB)03-25-17 (pdf 188kB)03-26-17 (pdf 185kB)03-27-17 (pdf 190kB)03-28-17 (pdf 188kB)03-29-17 (pdf 190kB)03-30-17 (pdf 188kB)03-31-17 (pdf 189kB)04-01-17 (pdf 187kB)04-02-17 (pdf 183kB)04-03-17 (pdf 187kB)04-04-17 (pdf 189kB)04-05-17 (pdf 189kB)04-06-17 (pdf 185kB)04-07-17 (pdf 188kB)04-08-17 (pdf 188kB)04-09-17 (pdf 185kB)04-10-17 (pdf 187kB)04-11-17 (pdf 186kB)04-12-17 (pdf 184kB)04-13-17 (pdf 190kB)04-14-17 (pdf 188kB)04-15-17 (pdf 187kB)04-16-17 (pdf 188kB)04-17-17 (pdf 186kB)4-18-2017 (pdf 191kB)4-19-2017 (pdf 186kB)04-20-17 (pdf 187kB)04-21-17 (pdf 186kB)04-22-17 (pdf 186kB)04-23-17 (pdf 189kB)04-24-17 (pdf 185kB)04-25-17 (pdf 189kB)04-26-17 (pdf 190kB)04-27-17 (pdf 186kB)04-28-17 (pdf 186kB)04-29-17 (pdf 188kB)04-30-17 (pdf 186kB)05-01-17 (pdf 2MB)05-02-17 (pdf 187kB)05-03-17 (pdf 184kB)05-04-17 (pdf 190kB)05-05-17 (pdf 188kB)05-06-17 (pdf 183kB)05-07-17 (pdf 183kB)05-08-17 (pdf 190kB)05-09-17 (pdf 185kB)05-10-2017 (pdf 188kB)05-11-2017 (pdf 187kB)05-12-17 (pdf 188kB)05-13-17 (pdf 185kB)05-14-17 (pdf 184kB)05-15-17 (pdf 183kB)05-16-17 (pdf 189kB)05-17-17 (pdf 189kB)05-18-17 (pdf 188kB)05-19-17 (pdf 188kB)05-20-17 (pdf 185kB)05-21-17 (pdf 187kB)05-22-17 (pdf 186kB)05-23-17 (pdf 188kB)05-24-17 (pdf 188kB)05-25-17 (pdf 186kB)05-26-17 (pdf 187kB)05-27-17 (pdf 184kB)05-28-17 (pdf 183kB)05-29-17 (pdf 184kB)05-30-17 (pdf 187kB)06-01-17 (pdf 2MB)06-02-17 (pdf 189kB)06-03-17 (pdf 185kB)06-04-17 (pdf 187kB)06-05-17 (pdf 187kB)06-06-17 (pdf 190kB)06-07-17 (pdf 186kB)06-08-17 (pdf 188kB)06-09-17 (pdf 186kB)06-10-17 (pdf 183kB)06-11-17 (pdf 182kB)06-12-17 (pdf 190kB)06-13-17 (pdf 187kB)06-14-17 (pdf 190kB)06-15-17 (pdf 187kB)06-16-17 (pdf 187kB)06-17-17 (pdf 184kB)06-18-17 (pdf 185kB)06-19-17 (pdf 187kB)06-20-17 (pdf 184kB)06-21-17 (pdf 189kB)06-22-17 (pdf 186kB)06-23-17 (pdf 43kB)06-24-17 (pdf 187kB)06-25-17 (pdf 185kB)06-26-17 (pdf 185kB)06-27-17 (pdf 185kB)06-28-17 (pdf 184kB)06-29-17 (pdf 183kB)06-30-17 (pdf 187kB)07-01-17 (pdf 27kB)07-02-17 (pdf 184kB)07-03-17 (pdf 185kB)07-04-17 (pdf 185kB)07-05-17 (pdf 187kB)07-06-17 (pdf 187kB)07-07-17 (pdf 188kB)07-08-17 (pdf 186kB)07-09-17 (pdf 182kB)07-10-17 (pdf 187kB)07-11-17 (pdf 187kB)07-12-17 (pdf 185kB)07-13-17 (pdf 188kB)07-14-17 (pdf 187kB)07-15-17 (pdf 186kB)07-16-17 (pdf 184kB)07-17-17 (pdf 185kB)07-18-17 (pdf 185kB)07-19-17 (pdf 188kB)07-20-17 (pdf 187kB)07-21-17 (pdf 190kB)07-22-17 (pdf 186kB)07-23-17 (pdf 185kB)07-24-17 (pdf 187kB)07-25-17 (pdf 188kB)07-26-17 (pdf 188kB)07-27-17 (pdf 188kB)07-28-17 (pdf 190kB)07-29-17 (pdf 184kB)07-30-17 (pdf 185kB)07-31-17 (pdf 189kB)08-01-2017 (pdf 187kB)08-02-17 (pdf 186kB)08-03-17 (pdf 188kB)08-04-17 (pdf 189kB)08-05-17 (pdf 184kB)08-06-17 (pdf 183kB)08-07-17 (pdf 192kB)08-08-17 (pdf 190kB)08-09-17 (pdf 193kB)08-10-17 (pdf 194kB)08-11-17 (pdf 189kB)08-12-17 (pdf 187kB)08-13-17 (pdf 190kB)08-14-17 (pdf 2MB)08-15-17 (pdf 191kB)08-16-17 (pdf 189kB)08-17-17 (pdf 191kB)08-18-17 (pdf 189kB)08-19-17 (pdf 188kB)08-20-17 (pdf 188kB)08-21-17 (pdf 188kB)08-22-17 (pdf 187kB)08-23-17 (pdf 190kB)08-24-17 (pdf 189kB)08-25-17 (pdf 192kB)08-26-17 (pdf 188kB)08-27-17 (pdf 190kB)08-28-17 (pdf 188kB)08-29-17 (pdf 187kB)08-30-17 (pdf 191kB)08-31-17 (pdf 192kB)09-01-17 (pdf 188kB)09-02-17 (pdf 187kB)09-03-17 (pdf 188kB)09-04-17 (pdf 187kB)09-05-17 (pdf 187kB)09-06-17 (pdf 190kB)09-07-17 (pdf 190kB)09-08-17 (pdf 190kB)09-09-17 (pdf 183kB)09-10-17 (pdf 185kB)09-11-17 (pdf 190kB)09-12-17 (pdf 191kB)09-13-17 (pdf 188kB)09-14-17 (pdf 190kB)09-15-17 (pdf 190kB)09-16-17 (pdf 190kB)09-17-17 (pdf 187kB)09-18-17 (pdf 190kB)09-19-17 (pdf 188kB)09-20-17 (pdf 189kB)09-21-17 (pdf 191kB)09-22-17 (pdf 187kB)09-23-17 (pdf 187kB)09-24-17 (pdf 187kB)09-25-17 (pdf 187kB)09-26-17 (pdf 189kB)09-27-17 (pdf 191kB)09-28-17 (pdf 191kB)09-29-17 (pdf 192kB)09-30-17 (pdf 186kB)10-01-17 (pdf 186kB)10-02-17 (pdf 190kB)10-03-17 (pdf 191kB)10-04-17 (pdf 189kB)10-05-17 (pdf 191kB)10-06-17 (pdf 188kB)10-07-17 (pdf 187kB)10-08-17 (pdf 185kB)10-09-17 (pdf 188kB)10-10-17 (pdf 189kB)10-11-17 (pdf 188kB)10-12-17 (pdf 192kB)10-13-17 (pdf 190kB)10-14-17 (pdf 188kB)10-15-17 (pdf 187kB)10-16-17 (pdf 190kB)10-17-17 (pdf 187kB)10-18-17 (pdf 190kB)10-19-17 (pdf 191kB)10-20-17 (pdf 192kB)10-21-17 (pdf 188kB)10-22-17 (pdf 188kB)10-23-17 (pdf 190kB)10-24-17 (pdf 189kB)10-25-17 (pdf 187kB)10-26-17 (pdf 189kB)10-27-17 (pdf 193kB)10-28-17 (pdf 186kB)10-29-17 (pdf 188kB)10-30-17 (pdf 191kB)10-31-17 (pdf 188kB)11-01-17 (pdf 192kB)11-02-17 (pdf 188kB)11-03-17 (pdf 188kB)11-04-17 (pdf 188kB)11-05-17 (pdf 190kB)11-06-17 (pdf 189kB)11-07-17 (pdf 191kB)11-08-17 (pdf 185kB)11-09-17 (pdf 191kB)11-10-17 (pdf 187kB)11-11-17 (pdf 182kB)11-12-17 (pdf 186kB)11-13-17 (pdf 192kB)11-14-17 (pdf 190kB)11-15-17 (pdf 188kB)11-16-17 (pdf 189kB)11-17-17 (pdf 191kB)11-18-17 (pdf 186kB)11-19-17 (pdf 190kB)11-20-17 (pdf 189kB)11-21-17 (pdf 192kB)11-22-17 (pdf 187kB)11-23-17 (pdf 186kB)11-24-17 (pdf 187kB)11-25-17 (pdf 189kB)11-26-17 (pdf 187kB)11-27-17 (pdf 190kB)11-28-17 (pdf 192kB)11-29-17 (pdf 188kB)11-30-17 (pdf 190kB)12-01-17 (pdf 189kB)12-02-17 (pdf 186kB)12-03-17 (pdf 189kB)12-04-17 (pdf 189kB)12-05-17 (pdf 189kB)12-06-17 (pdf 186kB)12-07-17 (pdf 185kB)12-08-17 (pdf 191kB)12-09-17 (pdf 189kB)12-10-17 (pdf 185kB)12-11-17 (pdf 189kB)12-12-17 (pdf 187kB)12-13-17 (pdf 187kB)12-14-17 (pdf 186kB)
1-1-2016 (pdf 185kB)1-2-2016 (pdf 186kB)1-3-2016 (pdf 184kB)1-4-2016 (pdf 186kB)1-5-2016 (pdf 190kB)1-6-2016 (pdf 188kB)1-7-2016 (pdf 187kB)1-8-2016 (pdf 190kB)1-9-2016 (pdf 184kB)1-10-2016 (pdf 186kB)1-11-2016 (pdf 188kB)1-12-2016 (pdf 189kB)1-13-2016 (pdf 182kB)1-14-2016 (pdf 186kB)1-15-2016 (pdf 185kB)1-16-2016 (pdf 189kB)1-17-2016 (pdf 178kB)1-18-2016 (pdf 183kB)1-19-2016 (pdf 188kB)1-20-2016 (pdf 187kB)01-21-16 (pdf 188kB)01-22-16 (pdf 186kB)01-23-16 (pdf 185kB)01-24-16 (pdf 186kB)01-25-16 (pdf 188kB)01-26-16 (pdf 189kB)01-27-16 (pdf 188kB)01-28-16 (pdf 191kB)01-29-16 (pdf 189kB)01-30-16 (pdf 183kB)01-31-16 (pdf 186kB)02-01-16 (pdf 188kB)02-02-16 (pdf 186kB)02-03-16 (pdf 187kB)02-04-16 (pdf 186kB)02-05-16 (pdf 186kB)02-06-16 (pdf 187kB)02-07-16 (pdf 182kB)02-08-16 (pdf 189kB)02-09-16 (pdf 189kB)02-10-16 (pdf 185kB)02-11-16 (pdf 188kB)02-12-16 (pdf 188kB)02-13-16 (pdf 187kB)02-14-16 (pdf 184kB)02-15-16 (pdf 188kB)02-16-16 (pdf 186kB)02-17-16 (pdf 184kB)02-18-16 (pdf 189kB)02-19-16 (pdf 189kB)02-20-16 (pdf 185kB)02-21-16 (pdf 187kB)02-22-16 (pdf 189kB)02-23-16 (pdf 189kB)2-24-16 (pdf 185kB)02-25-16 (pdf 188kB)02-26-16 (pdf 189kB)02-27-16 (pdf 184kB)02-28-16 (pdf 184kB)02-29-16 (pdf 187kB)03-01-16 (pdf 189kB)03-02-16 (pdf 188kB)03-03-16 (pdf 190kB)03-04-16 (pdf 189kB)03-05-16 (pdf 184kB)03-06-16 (pdf 186kB)03-07-16 (pdf 186kB)03-08-16 (pdf 188kB)03-09-16 (pdf 188kB)03-10-16 (pdf 187kB)03-11-16 (pdf 186kB)03-12-16 (pdf 184kB)03-13-16 (pdf 186kB)03-14-16 (pdf 187kB)03-15-16 (pdf 188kB)03-16-16 (pdf 189kB)03-17-16 (pdf 184kB)03-18-16 (pdf 191kB)03-19-16 (pdf 184kB)03-20-16 (pdf 183kB)03-21-16 (pdf 184kB)03-22-16 (pdf 187kB)03-23-16 (pdf 186kB)03-24-16 (pdf 183kB)03-25-16 (pdf 182kB)03-26-16 (pdf 185kB)03-27-16 (pdf 181kB)03-28-16 (pdf 183kB)03-29-16 (pdf 181kB)03-30-16 (pdf 189kB)03-31-16 (pdf 187kB)04-01-16 (pdf 185kB)04-02-16 (pdf 188kB)04-03-16 (pdf 184kB)04-04-16 (pdf 188kB)04-05-16 (pdf 189kB)04-06-16 (pdf 188kB)04-07-16 (pdf 187kB)04-08-16 (pdf 187kB)04-09-16 (pdf 187kB)04-10-16 (pdf 186kB)04-11-16 (pdf 189kB)04-12-16 (pdf 186kB)04-13-16 (pdf 189kB)04-14-16 (pdf 189kB)04-15-16 (pdf 187kB)04-16-16 (pdf 183kB)4-17-16 (pdf 188kB)4-18-16 (pdf 188kB)4-19-16 (pdf 191kB)4-20-16 (pdf 187kB)4-21-16 (pdf 192kB)04-22-16 (pdf 189kB)04-23-16 (pdf 187kB)04-24-16 (pdf 186kB)04-25-16 (pdf 189kB)04-26-16 (pdf 186kB)04-27-16 (pdf 186kB)04-28-16 (pdf 186kB)04-29-16 (pdf 187kB)04-30-16 (pdf 186kB)05-01-16 (pdf 184kB)05-02-16 (pdf 187kB)05-03-16 (pdf 186kB)05-04-16 (pdf 188kB)05-05-16 (pdf 186kB)05-06-16 (pdf 188kB)05-07-16 (pdf 187kB)05-08-16 (pdf 186kB)05-09-16 (pdf 186kB)05-10-16 (pdf 186kB)05-11-16 (pdf 187kB)05-12-16 (pdf 1MB)05-13-16 (pdf 189kB)05-14-16 (pdf 186kB)05-15-16 (pdf 187kB)05-16-16 (pdf 189kB)05-17-16 (pdf 187kB)05-18-16 (pdf 189kB)05-19-16 (pdf 190kB)05-20-16 (pdf 191kB)05-21-16 (pdf 184kB)05-22-16 (pdf 188kB)05-23-16 (pdf 187kB)05-24-16 (pdf 192kB)05-25-16 (pdf 186kB)05-26-16 (pdf 190kB)05-27-16 (pdf 185kB)05-28-16 (pdf 185kB)05-29-16 (pdf 186kB)05-30-16 (pdf 183kB)05-31-16 (pdf 191kB)06-01-16 (pdf 190kB)06-02-16 (pdf 187kB)06-03-16 (pdf 187kB)06-04-16 (pdf 188kB)06-05-16 (pdf 186kB)06-06-16 (pdf 187kB)06-07-16 (pdf 187kB)06-08-16 (pdf 190kB)06-09-16 (pdf 190kB)06-10-16 (pdf 189kB)06-11-16 (pdf 188kB)06-12-16 (pdf 186kB)06-13-16 (pdf 192kB)06-14-16 (pdf 189kB)06-15-16 (pdf 185kB)06-16-16 (pdf 189kB)06-17-16 (pdf 186kB)06-18-16 (pdf 185kB)06-19-16 (pdf 187kB)06-20-16 (pdf 186kB)06-21-16 (pdf 184kB)06-22-16 (pdf 187kB)06-23-16 (pdf 186kB)06-24-16 (pdf 186kB)06-25-16 (pdf 185kB)06-26-16 (pdf 185kB)06-27-16 (pdf 188kB)06-28-16 (pdf 187kB)06-29-16 (pdf 187kB)06-30-16 (pdf 191kB)07-01-16 (pdf 188kB)07-02-16 (pdf 186kB)07-03-16 (pdf 185kB)07-04-16 (pdf 186kB)07-05-16 (pdf 189kB)07-06-16 (pdf 186kB)07-07-16 (pdf 186kB)07-08-16 (pdf 189kB)07-09-16 (pdf 186kB)07-10-16 (pdf 185kB)07-11-16 (pdf 188kB)07-12-16 (pdf 187kB)07-13-16 (pdf 186kB)07-14-16 (pdf 187kB)07-15-16 (pdf 186kB)07-16-16 (pdf 184kB)07-17-16 (pdf 185kB)07-18-16 (pdf 187kB)07-19-16 (pdf 187kB)07-20-16 (pdf 187kB)07-21-16 (pdf 186kB)07-22-2016 (pdf 189kB)07-23-2016 (pdf 184kB)07-24-2016 (pdf 185kB)07-25-2016 (pdf 188kB)07-26-2016 (pdf 188kB)07-27-2016 (pdf 186kB)07-28-2016 (pdf 185kB)07-29-16 (pdf 188kB)07-30-16 (pdf 187kB)07-31-16 (pdf 185kB)08-01-16 (pdf 188kB)08-02-16 (pdf 188kB)08-03-16 (pdf 187kB)08-04-16 (pdf 188kB)08-05-16 (pdf 190kB)08-06-16 (pdf 186kB)08-07-16 (pdf 186kB)08-08-16 (pdf 188kB)08-09-16 (pdf 186kB)08-10-16 (pdf 184kB)08-11-16 (pdf 192kB)08-12-16 (pdf 190kB)08-13-16 (pdf 185kB)08-14-16 (pdf 185kB)08-15-16 (pdf 186kB)08-16-16 (pdf 188kB)08-17-16 (pdf 189kB)08-18-16 (pdf 191kB)08-19-16 (pdf 190kB)08-20-16 (pdf 188kB)08-21-16 (pdf 186kB)08-22-16 (pdf 187kB)08-23-16 (pdf 188kB)08-24-16 (pdf 188kB)08-25-16 (pdf 187kB)08-26-16 (pdf 190kB)08-27-16 (pdf 187kB)08-28-16 (pdf 186kB)08-29-16 (pdf 189kB)08-30-16 (pdf 188kB)08-31-16 (pdf 189kB)09-01-16 (pdf 190kB)09-02-16 (pdf 194kB)09-03-16 (pdf 185kB)09-04-16 (pdf 183kB)09-05-16 (pdf 182kB)09-06-16 (pdf 188kB)09-07-16 (pdf 2MB)09-08-16 (pdf 187kB)09-09-16 (pdf 190kB)09-10-16 (pdf 189kB)09-11-16 (pdf 188kB)09-12-16 (pdf 187kB)09-13-16 (pdf 187kB)09-14-16 (pdf 189kB)09-15-16 (pdf 191kB)09-16-2016 (pdf 191kB)09-17-2016 (pdf 184kB)09-18-2016 (pdf 187kB)09-19-2016 (pdf 189kB)09-20-2016 (pdf 186kB)09-21-2016 (pdf 190kB)09-22-2016 (pdf 189kB)09-23-2016 (pdf 193kB)09-24-16 (pdf 186kB)09-25-16 (pdf 185kB)09-26-16 (pdf 190kB)09-27-16 (pdf 188kB)09-28-16 (pdf 190kB)09-29-16 (pdf 191kB)09-30-16 (pdf 51kB)10-01-16 (pdf 185kB)10-02-16 (pdf 187kB)10-03-16 (pdf 190kB)10-04-16 (pdf 189kB)10-05-16 (pdf 187kB)10-06-16 (pdf 191kB)10-07-16 (pdf 192kB)10-08-16 (pdf 185kB)10-09-16 (pdf 188kB)10-10-16 (pdf 187kB)10-11-16 (pdf 187kB)10-12-16 (pdf 187kB)10-13-16 (pdf 187kB)10-14-16 (pdf 50kB)10-15-16 (pdf 187kB)10-16-16 (pdf 187kB)10-17-16 (pdf 188kB)10-18-16 (pdf 189kB)10-19-16 (pdf 187kB)10-20-2016 (pdf 186kB)10-21-16 (pdf 187kB)10-22-16 (pdf 185kB)10-23-16 (pdf 185kB)10-24-16 (pdf 185kB)10-25-16 (pdf 188kB)10-26-16 (pdf 186kB)10-27-16 (pdf 188kB)10-28-16 (pdf 190kB)10-29-16 (pdf 188kB)10-30-16 (pdf 183kB)11-01-16 (pdf 191kB)11-02-16 (pdf 189kB)11-03-16 (pdf 190kB)11-04-16 (pdf 189kB)11-05-16 (pdf 189kB)11-06-16 (pdf 187kB)11-07-16 (pdf 189kB)11-08-16 (pdf 190kB)11-09-16 (pdf 186kB)11-10-16 (pdf 189kB)11-11-16 (pdf 186kB)11-12-16 (pdf 186kB)11-13-16 (pdf 184kB)11-14-16 (pdf 189kB)11-15-16 (pdf 187kB)11-16-16 (pdf 186kB)11-17-16 (pdf 189kB)11-18-16 (pdf 188kB)11-19-16 (pdf 187kB)11-20-16 (pdf 183kB)11-21-16 (pdf 186kB)11-22-16 (pdf 186kB)11-23-16 (pdf 184kB)11-24-16 (pdf 184kB)11-25-16 (pdf 185kB)11-26-16 (pdf 188kB)11-27-16 (pdf 186kB)11-28-2016 (pdf 188kB)11-29-16 (pdf 188kB)11-30-16 (pdf 189kB)12-01-16 (pdf 188kB)12-02-2016 (pdf 187kB)12-03-2016 (pdf 187kB)12-04-2016 (pdf 187kB)12-05-2016 (pdf 188kB)12-06-2016 (pdf 187kB)12-07-2016 (pdf 186kB)12-8-2016 (pdf 189kB)12-09-16 (pdf 187kB)12-10-16 (pdf 185kB)12-11-16 (pdf 186kB)12-12-16 (pdf 186kB)12-13-16 (pdf 186kB)12-14-16 (pdf 192kB)12-15-16 (pdf 186kB)12-16-16 (pdf 187kB)12-17-16 (pdf 186kB)12-18-16 (pdf 184kB)12-19-16 (pdf 187kB)12-20-16 (pdf 184kB)12-21-16 (pdf 189kB)12-22-16 (pdf 183kB)12-23-16 (pdf 188kB)12-24-16 (pdf 184kB)12-25-16 (pdf 185kB)12-26-16 (pdf 183kB)12-27-16 (pdf 187kB)12-28-16 (pdf 187kB)12-29-16 (pdf 188kB)12-30-16 (pdf 186kB)12-31-16 (pdf 187kB)
9-15-15 (pdf 191kB)9-16-15 (pdf 194kB)9-17-15 (pdf 189kB)9-18-15 (pdf 193kB)9-19-15 (pdf 182kB)9-20-15 (pdf 184kB)9-21-15 (pdf 193kB)9-22-15 (pdf 193kB)9-23-15 (pdf 189kB)9-25-15 (pdf 187kB)9-27-15 (pdf 186kB)9-28-15 (pdf 186kB)9-29-15 (pdf 187kB)9-30-15 (pdf 188kB)10-2-15 (pdf 187kB)10-4-15 (pdf 187kB)10-3-15 (pdf 185kB)10-5-15 (pdf 187kB)10-7-15 (pdf 186kB)10-8-15 (pdf 188kB)10-9-15 (pdf 187kB)10-10-15 (pdf 185kB)10-11-15 (pdf 186kB)10-12-15 (pdf 186kB)10-13-15 (pdf 189kB)10-14-15 (pdf 190kB)10-15-15 (pdf 189kB)10-16-15 (pdf 189kB)10-17-15 (pdf 186kB)10-18-15 (pdf 184kB)10-19-15 (pdf 190kB)10-20-15 (pdf 190kB)10-21-15 (pdf 187kB)10-22-15 (pdf 189kB)10-23-15 (pdf 182kB)10-24-15 (pdf 186kB)10-25-15 (pdf 185kB)10-26-15 (pdf 187kB)10-27-15 (pdf 188kB)10-28-15 (pdf 187kB)10-29-15 (pdf 188kB)10-30-15 (pdf 184kB)10-31-15 (pdf 186kB)11-1-15 (pdf 183kB)11-2-15 (pdf 189kB)11-3-05 (pdf 188kB)11-4-15 (pdf 190kB)11-05-15 (pdf 189kB)11-06-15 (pdf 192kB)11-07-15 (pdf 185kB)11-08-15 (pdf 187kB)11-09-15 (pdf 186kB)11-10-15 (pdf 191kB)11-11-15 (pdf 187kB)11-12-15 (pdf 189kB)11-13-15 (pdf 189kB)11-14-15 (pdf 187kB)11-15-15 (pdf 187kB)11-16-15 (pdf 187kB)11-17-15 (pdf 189kB)11-18-15 (pdf 188kB)11-19-15 (pdf 188kB)11-21-15 (pdf 187kB)11-20-15 (pdf 187kB)11-22-15 (pdf 185kB)11-23-15 (pdf 187kB)11-24-15 (pdf 186kB)11-25-15 (pdf 186kB)11-26-15 (pdf 186kB)12-1-15 (pdf 185kB)10-6-15 (pdf 192kB)10-1-15 (pdf 188kB)9-26-15 (pdf 187kB)9-24-15 (pdf 198kB)11-27-15 (pdf 182kB)11-28-15 (pdf 185kB)11-29-15 (pdf 187kB)11-30-15 (pdf 189kB)12-2-15 (pdf 186kB)12-3-15 (pdf 188kB)12-4-15 (pdf 185kB)12-5-15 (pdf 187kB)12-6-15 (pdf 185kB)12-7-15 (pdf 187kB)12-8-15 (pdf 186kB)12-9-15 (pdf 186kB)12-10-15 (pdf 31kB)12-11-15 (pdf 192kB)12-12-15 (pdf 182kB)12-13-15 (pdf 185kB)12-14-15 (pdf 186kB)12-16-15 (pdf 189kB)12-17-15 (pdf 183kB)12-18-15 (pdf 170kB)12-19-15 (pdf 169kB)12-20-15 (pdf 170kB)12-21-15 (pdf 184kB)12-22-15 (pdf 185kB)12-23-15 (pdf 187kB)12-24-15 (pdf 186kB)12-25-15 (pdf 182kB)12-26-15 (pdf 186kB)12-27-15 (pdf 185kB)12-28-15 (pdf 186kB)12-29-15 (pdf 187kB)12-30-15 (pdf 187kB)12-31-15 (pdf 185kB)