Howard County, IN

Do You Have a Crime Tip?

If you have information about a crime we are investigating, you can email our Investigations Section with the information or call the Sheriff's Department at 765.456.2020.

If you have information on a wanted subject and know their location at that moment, please call our Dispatch Center at 765.457.1105.

If you have a general information about a wanted subject, you can leave that information also on the Warrant Line at 765.457.1105 ext. 247.

Do you have information about drug activity? 

If you believe you have information pertaining to possible drug activity, you can call your Drug Information Hotline at 765.456.2020 ext. 247 and leave the information you have on the answering machine, or send us an email with any information you have. You may remain anonymous. 

If you witness a crime in progress, you should ALWAYS call 911 immediately.