Howard County, IN

Criminal Justice Center

Inmate Communications

Inmates housed at the Howard County Criminal Justice Center now have two (2) ways to receive mail: Traditional mail via the US Postal Service and Inmate Email.

  • Inmate Email: To send an inmate an email for a small fee please proceed to GTL Network Mail to set up an account.
  • Traditional Mail: All traditional mail must be sent through the U.S. Post Office and cannot be hand delivered to the jail. Mail will be delivered to inmates between 2 P.M. and 10 P.M., Monday through Friday, except on holidays. Mail must be in manila or mailing envelopes that are no longer than 9 x 12, and any greeting cards sent can be no longer than 6 x 9.
Pictures are limited to 16 photos, no larger than 5 x 7, and no Polaroids.

Books and magazines are acceptable but must be new and shipped from the publisher or warehouse and front from a bookstore, and an invoice should show they have been paid in full. (No hardback or sexually explicit).

Newspapers may be mailed in by subscription only from the News Agency directly to the inmate.

Any mail containing anything considered "contraband" can be returned in whole to the sender at the discretion of the jail staff.

The following is a list of some items considered to be contraband and are strictly prohibited:
  • Any plans for criminal activity, instructions for manufacture of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Any threatened blackmail or extortion.
  • Any plans for instructions for escape or unauthorized entry.
  • Any other materials which would, if communicated, create a serious danger to the security, safety or sanitation of the facility.
  • Any materials that encourage sexual behavior which is criminal or in violation of facility rules and would impede rehabilitation.
  • Any foreign substances on mail or in envelopes, including but not limited to: crayon, market, color pencil, paint, glitter, glitter pen, glue, lipstick, stickers, tape, whiteout, water marks, questionable stains, staples, paperclips, postage stamps, extra envelopes, stationary, bubble wrap, tissue paper, body fluids, internet materials, laminated materials, plastic or metal objects, edible foods or candies, excessive perfumes, advertising, sweepstakes, or lottery cards.
  • Any photos with nudity (bare breasts, buttocks, or genital area).
  • Any photos with hand gestures.