Howard County, IN

Problem Solving Courts

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Problem solving courts provide a process for immediate and highly structured judicial intervention for eligible individuals that incorporates the following problem solving concepts:

  1. Enhanced information to improve decision making
  2. Engaging the community to assist with problem solving
  3. Collaboration with social service providers and other stakeholders
  4. Linking participants with community services based on risk need and needs
  5. Participant accountability
  6. Evaluating the effectiveness of operations continuously

Howard County Problem Solving Courts operate under certificates issued by the Indiana Office of Court Services pursuant to IC 33-23-16, utilize Evidenced Based research and science to enhance decision making in the criminal justice system resulting in the use of effective interventions to provide favorable results.

Veterans Court - Superior Court II

The Howard County Veterans Treatment Court Program is committed to providing eligible veterans access to intense treatment services in order to address mental health and drug addiction issues stemming from or related to participation in the United States Armed Forces. Applicants must not have any open warrants, prior convictions for rape, child molestation, murder or criminal confinement. Applicants must serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces, be willing to comply with court ordered treatment, have the physical ability to participate, meet criteria for substance use disorder and/or a non-psychotic mental health disorder and have the ability to pay the program fees within the time frame of the program. The Veterans Treatment Court Program takes between 12 and 36 months to complete depending on performance.