Howard County, IN

Work Release

Our Work Release program also uses evidence-based practices to more intensively supervise moderate to high-risk offenders convicted of Level 6 through Level 2 Felonies. With three full-time probation officers on staff to help monitor and guide the offenders. The Howard County Work Release Program is a standalone facility, located at 623 S. Berkley and houses up to 80 males and 40 females. The population consists of clients who are directly sentenced from local courts or reentering via the Indiana Department of Corrections through their community transition and work release programs. While in the work release program, the client will remain incarcerated and only be released to go to their place of employment and for other activities approved by work release staff. Like our home detention clients, work release residents are supervised using a case plan derived from their risk level and targeted to their individual needs that utilizes evidenced-based programming, life skills programming, peer support groups, employment, and community-based services.

Jeremie Lovall, Assistant Chief and Director of Work Release
Amie Campbell, Facility Manager
Christy Lowry, Probation Officer
Tucker Metcalf, Probation Officer
Nolan Lowe, Probation Officer

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