Howard County, IN

Community Supervision

The mission of Howard County Community Supervision is to promote and encourage positive changes in attitudes, thinking patterns, and behaviors in an effort to reduce recidivism and promote community safety.

Name Position
Dustin DeLong Chief of Community Supervision
Laura Rood Assistant Chief of Probation/Director of Alch and Drug
Jeremie Lovall Assistant Chief/Director of Work Release
Connie Burton Assistant Chief of Juvenile Probation

Howard County Community Supervision was formed on February 8th 2018, though the unification of Probation and Community Corrections by agreement of the Howard County Judges, Commissioners and Council. Howard County Community Supervision consists of Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Home Detention, Work Release, Alcohol and Drug Services, Pretrial Services and Victim Assistance. The unification of the above-mentioned departments is intended to improve consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of available programming. Howard County Community Supervision prides itself on the use of quality evidence based case management.

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