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Howard County Admin. Center
220 N Main St
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  • Location, Time, Random Schedule: I understand that I am required to test at 120 E. Mulberry Rm. 102. The testing hours are automatically indicated following a notification to submit a urine drug screen. Testing hours may vary from day to day depending on day of the week as well as holiday scheduling. I understand that if I am late for a test or miss at test, it will be considered a positive test and that I may be sanctioned. I understand I will be tested for the presence of drugs in my system on a random basis.
  • Call in Requirement: I understand that I am required to call the drug testing hotline daily at 765.416.8080. Furthermore, I understand that I am required to submit a urine drug screen at the above mentioned location during the testing hours as directed by the drug testing hotline.
  • Banned Substances: I understand and agree that I will not possess any drugs or alcohol except as prescribed by a licensed doctor and approved by the court or my probation officer. Usage of any products that may cause a positive alcohol or drug test will NOT serve as a valid excuse and I will be subject to sanctions. I will speak with Avertest if I do not know if a certain substance will cause a positive alcohol or drug test. Additionally, I agree that I will not use, possess, consume or apply any of the following: (i): Synthetic or mood altering chemical(s) or substances or any substances deemed "not for human consumption"; (ii) Performance enhancing supplements and or diet supplements; and (iii) Food containing poppy seeds (i.e. muffins, bagels, etc). 

Alcohol (A & D Clients): 

  • A) I understand that I am not allowed to consume alcohol. I understand that I am strictly prohibited from using any products that contain alcohol, such as mouth washes, breath strips, cough medicines (i.e. Nyquil), hand sanitizer, non-alcoholic beer and wine, herbal supplements (i.e. gingko biloba), flavoring extracts (i.e. vanilla), communion wine, flambe dishes (i.e. Baked Alaska), colognes, body sprays, or any other product containing alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • B) I shall minimize frequency of use and exposure to solvents, lacquers, and insecticides. If contact with such products cannot be avoided due to employment reasons, I will discuss this matter with Avertest. I understand that exposure to such products will NOT serve as a valid excuse for a positive alcohol test. 
  • Allowed Substances: The Medication Guide, attached as Exhibit A, provides a list of common medicines and substances that are generally acceptable for consumption
  • Dilution, Substitution, Adulteration: a) I have been informed that the ingestion of excessive amounts of fluids can result in a diluted urine sample and I understand that my urine sample will be tested for dilution. I understand that a diluted sample will be viewed as positive test for drugs/alcohol and that I will be sanctioned. I shall not consume more than 32 ounces of fluid within two hours or providing a sample.  b) I understand that substituting or altering my specimen or trying in any way to modify my bodily fluids for the purpose of masking drug or alcohol test results will result in a sanction.
  • Test Fee, Collection Process, Sample Size: I understand that I must pay a pre-determined test fee, each time I arrive for my drug test. I also understand that if I fail to pay for the urine drug screen at the time of service or complete the required community service hours I will be required to pay an additional $10.00 collection fee. I understand that the sample collection will be directly observed by a person of the same sex. I understand that if I fail to follow instructions, produce a urine specimen or if the sample provided is not of sufficient quantity (at least 30 milliliters), it will be considered a positive test for drugs and or alcohol and I will be sanctioned.
  • Conduct: I will conduct myself appropriately at my drug collection/test, meaning I will be courteous to the Avertest staff, non-confrontational, and non-argumentative.
  • Test Results:  I understand I must provide a urine sample that is negative for all drugs or I will be sanctioned. Urine samples will also be analyzed for temperature, specific gravity, creatinine and other chemical markers to ensure a valid urine specimen. I understand that Avertest will not discuss the results of my drug test with me at any time and that drug and alcohol test results will be reported directly to the court and probation.
  • Confirmation: a) I understand that if I should take it upon myself to take another drug test with any other provider, those results will not be considered by court or probation. b) I understand that if I wish to have a confirmation test by an independent lab, that I must pay $25.00 for this test within thirty (30) days of submitting my sample. The confirmation test will use the most appropriate chemical testing protocols for a given substance.