Howard County, IN

Howard County Emergency Relief Forgivable Loan Program

 Guidelines Application W9
The response to the Howard County Forgivable Loan program has been tremendous. At this time, we have reached our funding limit and are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest in this program.

Dear Howard County Small Business,

Howard County is an incredibly vibrant community, with a great cross section of small businesses from county line to county line. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closing of many our small businesses which has affected many families.

The City of Kokomo has recently introduced the Kokomo StrongER Emergency Relief Forgivable Loan Program to assist businesses inside the incorporated limits of Kokomo. Howard County Government is proud to announce that we will come along side Kokomo StrongER and offer small businesses in Howard County, outside the city limits of Kokomo, the opportunity to participate in a similar Forgivable Loan Program.

The Howard County Emergency Relief Forgivable Loan Program is designed to assist small businesses in emerging strong and vibrant from the economic shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like Kokomo, we will offer a streamlined application process and quick approval process so that businesses can receive the needed help they deserve. 

The Howard County Board of Commissioners and the Howard County Council are excited to offer this opportunity to businesses in our community and is our way of encouraging ongoing partnerships and showing support for the many incredible businesses in our community.

We couldn’t think of a better use for our Economic Development Income Tax, than to support the very small businesses that help make our community a place we all call home.  


Paul Wyman, President
Howard County Commissioners
James T. Papecek, President
Howard County Council
Signed Copy