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Howard County Admin. Center
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EMA Departments

Police Department

Initially the Police department is a service support arm of all Howard County law enforcement agencies. In this capacity, our group is capable, and competent to perform several details, including, but not limited to:
  • Directed Patrols
  • Traffic Support
  • Crime Scene Security and logs
  • Crowd Control
  • Vehicle Tows
  • Vehicle Security
  • Emergency Scene security for Fire and Medical Situation
  • Parade Route Control
  • City and County ride alongs as assistance toward agency capacity.
Additionally all EMA Police Officers are required to attend specialized instruction and training and maintain certification in first aid and CPR.

The EMA Mission Statement is "Preparing for the application of existing facilities, materials, equipment and personnel during an emergency , in such a manner that lives may be saved, health and efficiency maintained, and property protected."

As an all volunteer organization the Howard County EMA Police Department aspires to set community citizenship standards that all departments can emulate, accepting the myriad assignments with pride and professionalism in the true spirit of our community.

Fire Department

Members are used to fulfill mutual aid and obligations with various area fire departments. Members are called upon to assist with hazardous material problems. Members are trained in all aspects of fire fighting and can attain their master fire fighting classification.

EMS Department

The Emergency Management EMS Department provides state certified emergency medical Technicians. The department also assists in getting EMT's and drivers trained. CPR and basic first aid provided.
We have two state certified ambulances, one coroner transport unit, one heavy rescue unit, and one EMS department squad vehicle

The EMS Department provides Ambulances, EMT's, and drivers for:

  • All Community related functions
  • Weather / Manmade Disasters
  • Haynes Apperson
  • Greentown 4H Fair
  • Back up SWAT teams
  • Assist Dive teams
  • Coroner Cases
  • Back up Paid and Volunteer Ambulance Services
  • We also provide assistance with local school and community programs, competitions, and athletic events.

Communications Department

The Communications Department of EMA has the main function of coordinating all communications between the various 
departments and staff of the local Emergency Management organization as well as communications to agencies outside of the organization such as the local police and fire, State Emergency Management (SEMA) State Police and National Weather 

The services provided by the Communications group are performing .net control activities, emergency lighting and power, communications training, severe weather spotting activities through races (Radio, Amateur, Civil, Emergency, Services in support of the NWS Skywarn and inter-departmental support activities.

Our services are used many different ways by the various agencies and community. In support of the local police and Drug Enforcement agencies we will use our mobile emergency. lighting capabilities with 7000 watts if lighting to illuminate crime scenes during the investigations. In the event of widespread power outages we are able currently provide over. 80,000 watts of mobile generating capacity with an additional 350,000 watts to be available in the near future. In support of the community, we provide the parking lot support and security the Western High School sporting events as well as support of many. other community activities such as the county fair and Haynes Apperson Festival to name a few.

The most exciting new feature that Communications supports is the Mobile Command Center. Our support of this vehicle includes a full communications center for local, state, and amateur radio communications, a mobile weather station, telephone and computer support and a remotely controlled low light camera system with 55X zoom. This mobile command is fully self supporting with 13000 watts of electrical generating capacity.

With the full service capabilities of the communications group we are a integral member of the Kokomo/Howard County Emergency Management Agency.

Administration Department