Howard County, IN

Emergency Management (EMA)

Interested in Joining?

Please CLICK HERE and fill out the application. Once you have filled out the application, please contact our office to schedule a time to drop it off. Please contact the office with any questions.

Looking for Assistance Request Forms for your event?

Please CLICK HERE and fill out the request form 60 days prior to your event. You can email or fax the form to our office. Just as a reminder, if EMA is requested for an emergency call, we will not be able to fulfill your request. If you have any questions, please call our office. Thank you!

Emergency management is preparing for the application of existing facilities, materials, equipment and personnel during an emergency, in such a manner that lives may be saved, health and efficiency maintained, and property protected. All this is for the purpose of maintaining a social environment that is in harmony with the Constitution of the United States of America and the customs and traditions that American cherish.

The responsibility for Emergency Management is vested jointly with Governmental officials and the local citizenry. Action for Emergency Management is initiated by local governmental officials, stimulated by local citizen groups and coordinated by the local Emergency Management Director.

What's New This Month!

Name Position
Janice Hart Director
Mark Fair EMS Coordinator
Neil Winn Weather Warning Officer
Bob Davis Field Officer
Justin JohnsonRACES Officer