Howard County, IN

Mindy Heady - County Assessor

County AssessorThe County Assessor would like you to know that her reassessment teams will be conducting work in the City of Kokomo, south of Markland Ave

Important Due Dates:
April 3, 2023-Application for Property Tax Exemption (Form 136)
May 15, 2023-Business Personal Property Filing (Forms 102, 103, 104)
June 15, 2023-Real Estate Appeal Deadline (Form 130)

Welcome to the Howard County Assessor's website. Our office is located on the third floor of the County Administration Building on the corner of Main and Mulberry in Kokomo.

The Office of the Assessor is responsible for accurately and uniformly determining the market value-in-use of all parcels. Assessing officials must follow Indiana Code and the rules established by the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF).

Indiana properties are valued using mass appraisal techniques. Every year, the Assessor performs a trending analysis of all real parcels. Trending is a way of assessing the value of real estate to account for changes in the marketplace. Assessors research sales of properties in a particular area over the previous 12-month period. Using that information, we calculate a "trending factor" that is applied to all residential parcels in that area to determine their assessed values.

As property values rise and fall over time, these annual adjustments allow the assessment to approximate the market value-in-use of a property. Mass appraisal is not perfect, so we encourage the individual taxpayer to review his/her assessment. We welcome any questions and/or concerns.

I am honored to hold this office and serve you in the capacity of Howard County Assessor.

The Howard County Assessor is responsible for:

  • Oversees the general reassessment process.
  • Serves as secretary of the County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.
  • Insures countywide uniform property tax equalization.
  • Discovers and identifies omitted property.
  • Reviews sales disclosures for validity of selling price.
  • Recommends the selection of assessment software and computer systems to the County Executive.
  • Applications for property tax exemption (Form 136) are filed in the county assessor office.