Howard County, IN

Howard County Council Budget Hearings Begin August 14th at 4:00 P.M.

Council Members Center Out
From Left To Right;
Dwight V. Singer, Leslie Ellison, Stanley E. Ortman, Richard M. Miller, James T. Papacek, Jeffrey A. Stout, John J. Roberts
Council Members
Richard M. Miller, President (District 04)
Leslie Ellison, (District 03)
Stanley E. Ortman, (At Large)
Jeffrey A. Stout, (At Large)
James T. Papacek, (At Large)
John J. Roberts, (District 01)
Dwight V. Singer, (District 02)

Council Districts

County Council Duties and Responsibilities:

• Approving and fixing annual operating budgets of all county departments
• Authorizing the borrowing of money in the form of bonds and notes
• Authorizing the expenditure of public funds for specific purposes
• Establishing salaries and other compensation
• Fiscal affairs
• Fixing tax rates and levies
• Setting priorities for the allocation of public funds