Howard County, Indiana Founded in 1844

Welcome to Howard County

We are a friendly, thriving community with robust business and agriculture sectors. Founded in 1844, our community has grown to be a powerhouse of major corporations such as Chrysler, Haynes International and Delphi alongside an incredible array of friendly small businesses owned and operated with Midwest hospitality. We are at the heart of Central Indiana and a short drive puts you in some of the premier cities in the country, such as Indianapolis and Chicago.

Our quality of life is unmatched. From incredible healthcare providers to our strong schools and colleges, our trail system, our farmers market and abundant festivals to name just a few. It is easy to understand why families choose to make Howard County a place to call home! Our culture and values reflect the charm you would expect from a vibrant Midwest community. Welcome to Howard County!

Important Notices

Election Information - 2020 Primary

How do I check my registration status? Where do I vote? When is "early voting"? Who are the candidates? Who do I contact if I have questions?

Click here to find out!

Rural Broadband Survey

Watch Communications will be working to provide broadband internet access in rural Howard County. Currently Watch is in the engineering phase and planning the build. If you would like for them to contact you regarding the project, please follow the link below and fill out the form. This will aid in the planning process as well as helping to identify areas in need.

Survey Link

Homestead and Mortgage Deductions

Howard County is pleased to announce that property owners are now able to file there homestead and mortgage deductions online.

If you have already filed your deductions please do not re-file as this is for new purchasers or those refinancing only.

For those filing online, once you enter your name your records will pop up. Please follow through with filling out the
required information.

For any questions, please call 765-456-2215